I would like to let you know that purchasing your product was one of the best investments I have ever made for my home. My pool is now warmer and cleaner than ever! This year I saved a lot of money on family getaways just by staying home and enjoying my pool. Now my children do not mind to stay home for the holidays! Aqua Shield really changed my life and I think no pool should be without one. Sincerely, Mary Ann Williams
Pittsburgh, PA

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It is Out There (from KOI magazine)

by Wayne Orchard,Virginia,Guest Columnist

Well, after talking - for at least 5 years - about covering our koi pond and with the projected increased cost of natural gas, Susan & I did some serious research. We considered lots of different options from commercial greenhouse type covers using heavy duty plastic sheeting up to a full-size greenhouse.

After considering both aesthetics and our check book balance, we decided upon a custom sized cover primarily used as a swimming pool cover. The Aqua Shield is made with an aluminum frame covered by lexan. Covers come is various shapes - ours is the "sport" model. It can easily be opened to view and feed the koi.

In just the two weeks that the cover has been installed,our pond temperature has risen 5 degrees without the aid of the heater!

The Aqua Shield cover exceeds our expectations! If you are interested in a quote,contact Spiro at 800-613-3339.

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