Just a quick note to let you know that we finished installing our Aqua Shield. We took our time measuring to make sure the tracks were laid properly and the rest of the unit went up really quickly. It looks great and really makes a difference on how warm it keeps the water. We look forward to swimming year round now. Mike and Sharon Nichols
Federal Way, WA

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Texas Pool Installation
"Since the enclosure has been installed it has withstood 70+ MPH wind, and numerous snow storms some totaling up to 16 inches. We are really enjoying our pool year round".
Jim Dowd
Panhandle, TX

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The enclosure arrives on the flatbed truck. This particular unit is an Ellipse Shield Model 24 x 9 x 40 β€˜2”. As you can see, the entire enclosure is shipped fully assembled and fits one section into the other. So the total width for shipping purposes is not more than 7ft wide. It will sit on your pavement just as it does on the truck.

Unloading the enclosure takes less than 40 minutes and can be done with a crew of 4 men. It is not necessary to use special machinery or a crane to unload as the average enclosure section weight approximately 60 – 120 lbs depending on size.

Placement and installation of the tracking system.
Each set of tracks has been pre cut and pre drilled to your specifications and can be used as a template in order to allow for a quick and thorough installation.
Installation of the sections.
Once the tracks are attached to the cement pad it is time to install the shield sections. Each section slides and attaches to it’s corresponding track. Once the curved sections are complete it is time for the end panels.
The End panels are also fully assembled and can be attached or removed in a few minutes using the quick release pins provided.
Installation takes less than one day!

See and operate telescopic enclosure models

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