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Installation Instuctions
Aqua Shield Enclosure arrives fully assembled and consists of a set of tracks, complete frame sections, and a set of end panels, one with door and all necessary hardware.
Step 1. (Figure 1): Track Installation:
A flat, level surface is mandatory, preferably a 3.5" thick foundation of reinforced concrete. Mount the tracks parallel and at opposite sides of your pool or patio on the flat, level surface. (See enlarged fig. # 1)

Step 2. (Figure 2): Frame Section Installation
Install each individual frame section by dropping it onto the tracks, starting with the smallest. Make sure that each section is placed in its corresponding rail. Align the anchored plate onto the frame section and attach to hold the frame section onto the track. (See enlarged fig. # 2)

Step 3. (Figure 3): End Panel Installation
Take the end panel and position it into the frame section. Center it so the pin holes of the frame section line up the the pin holes of the end panel. Then snap all the holes shut with the quick release pins to completely fasten the end panel to the section. Repeat this step for the end panel at the opposite end. (See enlarged fig. # 3)
Sport Aqua Shield Installation

1) Find two parallel lines around the area you wish to enclose. (See enlarged Fig. #1)
2) Place the section panels so the screw hole in the legs lines up evenly with the parallel lines.
3) Mark holes, four per section and remove enclosure.

4) Drill and install anchors (See enlarged Fig. #2)
5) Install the enclosure one section at a time and fasten to the ground. 6) Place the end panel over the section panel. Line up the holes and insert quick release pins.

US patent #6,637,160
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