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Ideal for the active family that enjoys the outdoor but wants the protection from the elements, Aqua Shield Telescopic Sunroom is an attractive, easy to use, strong and virtually maintenance free solution. Aqua Shield Telescopic Sunroom works by sliding over your patio space. Its innovative telescopic design allows the subsequent sections to either slide over the patio or spread apart. Aqua Shield Telescopic Sunroom is constructed using reinforced extruded aluminum arches combined with a polycarbonate twin-wall thermal glazing. This gives the structure a very clean, modern and attractive appearance, providing a four season enclosure for your balcony, terrace, gallery, patio that is pleasing to look at and very practical.

Choose from standard sizes or we can customize sunroom to fit your needs.
Sunroom Examples
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Width Length Height ## of Sections $ Price
10' 13'6" 7' 2 $7,750.00
10' 20'2" 7' 3 $9,800.00
10' 26'10" 7' 4 $12,150.00
12' 13'6" 8' 6'' 2 $9,160.00
12' 20'2" 8' 6'' 3 $11,550.00
12' 26'10" 8' 6'' 4 $14,100.00
14' 13'6" 10' 2 $11,200.00
14' 20'2" 10' 3 $13,900.00
14' 26'10" 10' 4 $16,450.00

All prices are FOB, West Babylon, New York. Prices are subject to change without notice. A 40% deposit is required to process your order and to receive priority for shipment date. Deposit may be made either by personal check, certified check, or wire transfer. Balance is due prior to shipment either by personal check, certified check, or wire transfer. All prices exclude local, state, or federal taxes. For installation in NYC add 15%. NY state residents add 8.5% sales tax. Aqua Shield, Inc. Telescopic Enclosure is a temporary/removable structure; most states and townships may not require permits. Please check with your local township for any ordinances and permits you may require.
Aqua Shield telescopic enclosures are designed based on the 2000 International Building Code and its Supplements as adapted by the 2003 New York State Building Code, the 2000 Specification for Aluminum Structures by the Aluminum Association, and other building codes and standards referenced therein. Aqua Shield can design structures customized to meet local codes and standards upon request.

US patent #6,637,160
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