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Your Sunrise Restaurant Enclosure was a fraction of the cost other companies wanted to enlarge my restaurant. I now have increased seating capacity and still the feeling of dinning outside.

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We are a member of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of America  NSPI / APSP  Membership number 210670

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Sunroom Model
Sunroom Models -
Rainbow Sunroom Model
Available in twin wall polycarbonate glazing
Sunrise Sunroom Model
Available in clear tint polycarbonate glazing

Aqua Shield's unique patented design allows our Sunroom to open or close over your patio in seconds, letting you enjoy the benefits of summer all year round. Sunrooms are available in Sunrise and Rainbow models and come fully assembled. Sunrise Model is available in a clear tint polycarbonate glazing. Rainbow Model is available in a twin wall polycarbonate glazing. Choose from standard sizes or we can customize an enclosure to fit your needs.

Width Length Height ## of Sections
12'13'6"7' 6''2
12'20'2"7' 6''3
12'26'10"7' 6''4
16'20' 2''8' 6''3
16'26' 10''8' 6''4
16'33' 6''8' 6''5
1820' 2''9'3
18'26' 10''9'4
18'33' 6''9'5
20'20' 2''9' 6''3
20'26' 10''9' 6''4
20'33' 6''9' 6''5
22'20' 2''10'3
22'26' 10''10'4
22'33' 6''10'5

Please Note: Sizes listed are for exterior dimensions of the Rainbow Model,
other sizes are available. Size may vary from state to state.
Aqua Shield™ Enclosure arrives to your site fully assembled.

Please call for other sizes and Seasonal Discount Offers
(800) 613-3339

Aqua Shield, Inc. Enclosure is a Telescopic structure. Property Taxes will not increase. Aqua Shield telescopic enclosures are designed to the latest 2010 New York State Building Code (which is  based on the 2006 International Building Code and its Supplements), the 2010 Specification for Aluminum Structures by the Aluminum Association, and other building codes and standards referenced therein. Inquire with your local township for any requirements. Aqua Shield can design structures customized to meet local codes and standards upon request.

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