We have the enclosure up. It looks great! It took Mike & and our son and son-in-law about two hours to do the track. They just wanted to make sure everything was square and perfect. The enclosure was simple to do, once the track was laid. Thanks for all your efforts, guidance and perseverance with us. We send some pictures soon. Have a blessed New Year!
Aurora, CO

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1. With the enclosure, can I swim in my pool all year round, especially in colder climate areas?
2. Will my property taxes go up?
3. What is the difference between the conventional and trackless design?
4. What's the maximum size the enclosure can be built?
5. What's the difference between the enclosure models?
6. Will it keep my child out?
7. Can the Aqua Shield Enclosure be mounted against the house /garage/wall?
8. Can leaves and bugs get in the enclosure?
9. Do I need a dehumidifier to control the humidity?
10. What does the enclosure consist of?
11. Does the enclosure come with doors?
12. What is the glazing made of?
13. What is the frame made of?
14. What holds the enclosure to the ground?
15. How is the Aqua Shield™ Telescopic Enclosure installed?
16. What kind of foundation is required?
17. Can I install the enclosure on my wood deck? Plastic Deck? Brick/Stone Deck?
18. Can I install the tracks flush to the patio surface?
19. What is the life expectancy of the product?
20. Do I need planning permission for this type of pool enclosure?
21. Is it easy to slide the enclosure open or closed?
22. How expensive is an Aqua Shield™ Telescopic Enclosure?
23. How easy is it to install the enclosure myself?
24. I want to use my pool in the winter. How warm is the pool water and air temperature under cover?

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