The product has been amazing. It took a total of 5 hours to set up minus the hardware to fasten the cover down with just two of us lifting and setting. I would be honored and insist on promoting this product in my area and spreading the good work. Thanks for everything. When I have more time I will call you and talk about my cover in more depth. Chuck
Doylestown, PA

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Which model and size should I consider?

The best way to approach this is to ask your self what is the main purpose for your pool and enclosure? Is the pool used mainly for exercise? For physical therapy, entertaining or do you just want the pool area to be safe? Another factor to consider is the size of the area you are working with and your budget.

We recommend you draw an imaginary box around the pool or patio area that you are looking to cover or enclose. This box does not have to be centered on the area, but can be offset to keep the size and the cost down. The width and height may be adjusted to your personnel preference while the lengths remain incrementally uniform. Once you have all of your dimensions you may choose one of our models.

Do you want the pool area is to be an extension of your home? If so consider the Ellipse, High/Medium or Sunroom models. Usually these models offer additional space for lounge chairs, tables, exercise equipment, etc.
Do you want to swim everyday and greatly reduce your pool maintenance? If so consider our economical Low Shield or Hard Top Safety Models.

Here are a few pointers regarding the different models:

Ellipse Telescopic Models will give you the most efficient use of interior space. They are great for any size and shape pool or patio.

High Shield Telescopic Models are also designed to maximize interior space with a different look.

Mid Size Telescopic Models are an economical solution for year round swimming.

Low Shield Telescopic Models are excellent for year round swimming with less headroom on the sides, great for any size pool.

Hard Top Safety Cover offers excellent child safety protection, an economical solution for year round swimming with less of a visual presence in your yard.

Sun Room Telescopic Models are an affordable way to extend the useful space of your home. They are great for spas and lap pools or any other recreational purposes.

All models are made with the same level of superior craftsmanship and use only the finest General Electric & Alcoa Aluminum materials. All hardware supplied is either stainless steel or aluminum, ensuring a virtual maintenance-free design.

Full list of models:
Sky Dome
Ellipse Aqua Shield
Sunroom Model
High Aqua Shield
Mid-Size Model
Low Aqua Shield
Hard Top Safety Cover

See and operate telescopic enclosure models

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