It was wonderful doing business with your company . The pool enclosure was a grand addition to our backyard & pool area.
Seattle, WA

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AquaShield Energy Saver Pool EnclosuresAqua Shield™ Energy Saver™ Enclosures and Sunrooms are a fine blend of modern engineering and traditional styling.

All Aqua Shield™ products utilize only the finest high tech Energy Saver™ Twin Wall Polycarbonate glazing which takes advantage of the suns natural powers creating a solar gain and maximum energy performance. The polycarbonate generates solar heat in the winter and blocks out harmful UV rays in the summer.

Energy Saver™ Twin Wall Polycarbonate glazing features a specially developed coating on the inner surface which reduces the formation of condensation droplets. The glazing is extremely durable and can be subjected to the extremes of weather conditions, storms, hailstones, snowfalls and ice formation.

Aqua Shield™ products not only create solar energy but they keep the heat in and the cold out. The cost of energy in today's world is very high and increasing yearly. Take advantage of the solar gain which has been documented to have increase both water and air temperature up to an amazing 40%. With every degree of additional solar gain there is additional savings as your heating system is more efficient and can be run minimally or not at all. Energy costs can be reduced by up to 50-75% saving you money.

Most pool owners have made a substantial investment in their pool or swim spa, but how many utilize their pool more than 2 or 3 months out of the year. If you factor in a few rainy weekends, the swim season becomes even shorter and your investment is diminished even more.

Energy Saver™ twin wall polycarbonate panels create a greenhouse effect. Direct exposure to the suns rays or, on cloudy days, the effect of diffused rays warms the air within the enclosure. At night or on cooler days the heat of the enclosed atmosphere is lost to a lesser extent. At the beginning of the season the water temperature in an unheated pool rises by 4 degrees F per day when exposed to direct sunlight.

The water temperature also rises on clear days even when there is no direct sun. Evaporation of water from the pool leads to loss of heat. If the temperature difference between water and air is 6 degrees F, a 14 x 20 pool will lose 10 Gallons of water per day, and 20 x 40 will lose 25 Gallons per day. An Aqua Shield Enclosure isolates the water surface from the external atmosphere and by decreasing the thermal gradient slows down the evaporation of water from the pool. An effective additional method of reducing water evaporation is a simple bubble cover over the water surface. A bubble cover directly exposed to sun and frost deteriorates and become dirty easily. But when they are used under an enclosure they perform their function very well. The combination of a bubble cover with an enclosure is a highly successful way of reducing water heating costs. The use of a suitable heat retention cover is strongly recommended to reduce evaporation, which is the cause of condensation. Read more about it from U.S. Department of Energy

If you get too warm inside, just move the sections of the enclosure, and in a few moments you will be swimming in the open air.

All Aqua Shield™ products whether it be our Sun Room, Hard Top Safety Cover™ or Telescopic enclosures will allow you the ability to swim 365 days a year regardless of rain, wind or snow.

Let Aqua Shield™ make the most out of your pool or Patio.


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