I have been meaning to send you a nice thank you for some time.
I have been holding back because there are pictures with more snow still on
our camera. The sun finally came out on the weekend Saturday. It was 38 outside with
snow on the ground, 80 in the enclosure. It felt just like summer.
Mark C.

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Ask any one with a swimming pool what they most enjoy and they will tell you "outdoor pool on a hot sunny day". But unfortunately, there are too many days during our summer when these conditions are only a dream and your pool is of no use at all. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have your outdoor pool open for those beautiful days, but be able to quickly enclose or cover it should the weather take a turn for the worse?

Well, with Aqua Shield™ pool enclosures you can do just that.

On a day when the sun shines you can open up your swimming pool or sunroom to the sky by simply sliding back the panels of your enclosure.

When the weather is less favorable you can still swim in comfort and luxury by enclosing your pool with AquaShield™ Pool Enclosure and letting the elements do their worse.

Aqua Shield™ Pool Enclosure/Pool Cover Advantages:
  • Made in the USA;
  • enjoy your pool all year round;
  • limits child access to the pool;
  • provides protection from damaging UV light;
  • captures solar energy and increases the water temperature by 20°;
  • provides extra strength with one piece seamless panels;
  • saves YOU money on chemicals and heating costs;
  • saves YOU money on opening and winterizing pool;
  • provides protection from dirt, leaves and other debris;
  • requires no maintenance;
  • installs easily and quickly!
Enjoy your outdoor pool with AquaShield™ Pool Enclosure all year round

AquaShield Pool Enclosure


To speak to a pool enclosure specialist,
Call 800 613 3339

Beware of domestic and foreign imitations. Aqua Shield Inc. is the only US patented telescopic enclosure. Patent infringement liabilities... Read more


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