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Proudly made in USA.
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Orem, Utah

I have lost my contact information and forgotten your names, but I would like to be included in your list of happy and satisfied customers. My pool is in Orem, Utah. I installed your ellipse - 58' long by 28' wide enclosure. With it in place we used our pool everyday all winter, night and day. The interior temperature was always very comfortable even on very cold overcast or blizzard days. It was never cooler than about 80° inside but 0° outside. We kept the water at 90° 24/7. The snow just slides off the top, so no worries about having to pull it down. We have had a number of inquiries about the enclosure and we are always pleased to give you 5-stars. Rod Felt

Mesa, AR

Just can't tell you how very, very happy I am with your product and also everyone who sees it comments on how well made it is! I am so glad I found you. All the best to you in the New Year! Thanks for all of your time and patience! Mike


The cover worked well over the last year, hopefully we will have the same luck in the future!!!!

Seattle, WA

It was wonderful doing business with your company . The pool enclosure was a grand addition to our backyard & pool area. Steven

Columbus, OH

This is Sam from Columbus Ohio just saying that this is my second winter with my aqua shield low profile and I never missed a day swimming. The last couple years we had temps below freezing for weeks and for a couple of days 10 below and my pool was always water temp of 84 and air temp of 72. My season to swim is year around and if you own a pool and want to keep in shape year around this is the answer.


I have been meaning to send you a nice thank you for some time. I have been holding back because there are pictures with more snow still on our camera. The sun finally came out on the weekend Saturday. It was 38 outside with snow on the ground, 80 in the enclosure. It felt just like summer. Mark C.

Sacramento, CA

We just wanted to let you know that we LOVE our telescopic sun room. It is so easy to open and close and works great rain or shine. Thank you so much. Mary & Pete


These people stand true to there word on everything they have promised us. We live in Kansas where the winds can gust to 40-to 45, without a cloud in the sky. So in other words it is structurally sound.

Patrick, DE

Greetings! First, your "Non Retractable Enclosure" model was the perfect solution for winter swimming. It practically heats itself, but the heater doesn't hurt. Second, the process from communicating size and design to fabrication and delivery was extremely smooth. Now to my contact now, can I order an additional "prop-up" rods? Patrick Murray


The install was awesome! We couldn't be happier! Nick was very professional and extremely hard worker! We thank you and look forward to swimming year round here in Michigan. Thanks again!! Todd

Seattle WA

Just a short note to let you know that we are swimming and it is 25 degrees outside! The water is 86. Thanks Joe & Linda

Panhandle, TX

Since Enclosure has been installed it has withstood 70+ MPH wind, and numerous snow storms some totaling up to 16 inches. We are really enjoying our pool year round. Thanks,Jim Dowd

Toledo, OH

Thanks for your patience in answering all of our questions as we worked through our selection process. We are pleased with your service and the quality of your product. Michael Johnson


The structure was delivered on time in great shape. I would recommend Aqua shield over others that sell enclosure, just for the price difference alone. We saved thousands of dollars by ordering in winter. Here in OZ enjoying our new pool enclosure. Thanks to Aquashield!

Norfolk VA

Thanks again for helping us decide what to do with our pool. We simply love our Ellipse Aqua Shield. Works great. Thomas Kenny

Federal Way, WA

Just a quick note to let you know that we finished installing our Aqua Shield. We took our time measuring to make sure the tracks were laid properly and the rest of the unit went up really quickly. It looks great and really makes a difference on how warm it keeps the water. We look forward to swimming year round now. Mike and Sharon Nichols

Midland, Texas

Everything came with the package and it was beautifully engineered. It went together easily and the finished product is everything I had hoped for. Donald L. Conner

Columbis, OH

The Sunroom was packed perfectly , no chance of it getting damaged in shipment, the Product was manufactured extremely well. I couldn't be happier with the sunroom. The staff at aquashield was very helpful and accomodated me on the design and worked with me every step of the way. I can not say enough good things about this company, you just don't see this type of business anymore, it is very refreshing to know that they take so much pride and pay attention to detail with their work and product. Thanks again I am one satisfied customer. Floyd