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Proudly made in USA.
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faq With the enclosure, can I swim in my pool all year round, especially in colder climate areas?
A. Aqua Shield™ Telescopic Enclosure is designed and built especially with the colder climate areas such as Canada, Maine, Minnesota, Colorado (northern United States) in mind. Aqua Shield™ Telescopic enclosure uses a thermal glazing specially manufactured to capture the sun's rays to create a warm enclosed environment while minimizing loss of heat generated by sun and water heater. A reinforced vinyl sweep attached to the frame sections seals in the warm air and keeps the drafts out.
faq What is the difference between the conventional and trackless design?
A. Aqua Shield™'s conventional models are designed to slide and hold the enclosure simultaneously. The tracks provide security from all sorts of extreme weather, while allow a smooth and easy sliding motion of the sections (just like a sliding door closet in your home). The enclosure can be opened or closed in five minutes. Conventional models require a flat foundation.
Aqua Shield™'s trackless design offers the same advantages as our conventional model but does not require a perfectly flat foundation. Since there is no track, it takes more time to roll the sections in place. The sections also have to be fastened to the ground when anticipating windy or stormy weather conditions.
faq Will it keep my child out?
A. Features include locking pins to keep the frames fixed and lock for the door.
faq Can the Aqua Shield Enclosure be mounted against the house /garage/wall?
A. Yes. We have designed many enclosures that have been attached to the house. Simply open your house door and you are in your own private spa.
faq Can leaves and bugs get in the enclosure?
A. No; the design of the track and the vinyl sweep prevents this.
faq What does the enclosure consist of?
A. Aqua Shield™ Pool Enclosure arrives fully assembled and consists of a set of tracks, complete structural panel, and a set of end panels, one with door and all necessary hardware.
faq What is the glazing made of?
A. Aqua Shield™'s Telescopic Enclosure uses a rigid, yet lightweight, corrugated Polycarbonate glazing that is 8mm or 10mm thick. It is chosen for its excellent light transmission, (yet prevents "see-through" for added privacy,) profile structure, ability to withstand extreme temperatures, antifog treatment, fade resistance, and long service life.
faq What holds the enclosure to the ground?
A. The enclosure is held simultaneously to the track by our "Safe Grip Track System", allowing for easy operation and added security during high wind and heavy snow load conditions.
faq What kind of foundation is required?
A. A flat foundation of 3.5" concrete is required for pool enclosure installation.
faq Can I install the tracks flush to the patio surface?
A. Yes, with new pool/patio installations. The contractor must provide a concrete channel that is square and parallel to allow for our tracks to sit flush with the new patio surface.
faq Do I need planning permission for this type of pool enclosure?
A. Generally not, as the Aqua Shield™ telescopic enclosure is considered a temporary removable structure. Permission would be required for any commercial use, or if the location is in a sensitive area. Please check with your local township for any ordinances and permits you may require.
faq How expensive is an Aqua Shield™ Telescopic Enclosure?
A. Comparable pool enclosures (permanent, non-telescopic) cost approximately from $50/sq. ft to up to $120/sq. ft. Compare to our models which start from approximately $20/sq. ft
faq How easy is it to install the enclosure myself?
A. Aqua Shield™ Telescopic Enclosure arrives fully assembled. If you're handy around the house, the average enclosure requires two people, four-five hours to install.
faq Will my property taxes go up?
A. No. Aqua Shields™ are considered temporary removable structures.
faq What's the maximum size the enclosure can be built?
A. Aqua Shield™ Enclosure is available up to 32' wide, length up to 100'.
faq Here are a few pointers regarding the different models:

Ellipse Telescopic Models will give you the most efficient use of interior space. They are great for any size and shape pool or patio.

High Shield Telescopic Models are also designed to maximize interior space with a different look.

Mid Size Telescopic Models are an economical solution for year round swimming.

Low Shield Telescopic Models are excellent for year round swimming with less headroom on the sides, great for any size pool.

Hard Top Non Retractable Enclosure offers excellent child protection, an economical solution for year round swimming with less of a visual presence in your yard.

Sun Room Telescopic Models are an affordable way to extend the useful space of your home. They are great for spas and lap pools or any other recreational purposes.
faq Do I need a dehumidifier to control the humidity?
A. This is a matter of choice. The structure is self-venting and all materials used in the construction of Aqua Shield™ products are not affected by condensation. Should it occur simply open one of the panels. An effective additional method of reducing water evaporation is placing a simple bubble cover over the water surface. Read more about from Energy Saver page.
faq Does the enclosure come with doors?
A. A patio door is fitted as standard at one end. Optional extra: A second door or a double door.
faq What is the frame made of?
A. US grade 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum alloy with one piece seamless structural panels, precision engineered to slide on wheels with self-lubricating stainless steel ball bearing for smooth traction.
faq How is the Aqua Shield™ Telescopic Enclosure installed?
A. o install, the tracks are first mounted on a flat foundation, parallel and at opposite sides of the pool or patio. Then, the frame sections are dropped onto the track, beginning with the smallest section first.
faq Can I install the enclosure on my wood deck? Plastic Deck? Brick/Stone Deck?
A. Aqua Shield™ Enclosure works with any kind of deck, provided the proper footings are layed.
faq What is the life expectancy of the product?
A. With normal use, Aqua Shield™ Enclosure will provide you with many years of trouble-free, year-round enjoyment. Aqua Shield™ guarantees the aluminum structure and polycarbonate glazing for 20 years.
faq Is it easy to slide the enclosure open or closed?
A. Yes, because of the revolutionary track and wheel design, you can easily open or close the enclosure in less than a minute.
faq I want to use my pool in the winter. How warm is the pool water and air temperature under cover?
A. Click on the link below to view tables, that show the temperature fluctuations during a three month period of an actual Aqua Shield™ Enclosure installation over a pool, located in Ashby, Massachusetts. It compares how the outside air temperature has virtually no negative effect on the temperature of the pool water and air inside the enclosure. Heat generated by sun and water heater is sufficient to maintain a comfortable environment inside the Aqua Shield™ in the cold winter months.