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Proudly made in USA. Patent 6,637,160
Proudly made in USA.
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(U.S. Serial No. 97071192)

Restaurant Enclosure

Telescopic Restaurant Enclosure

Telescopic Restaurant Enclosure

slide open for outdoor dinning during sunny days and closed during inclement weather

Telescopic Restaurant Enclosure

Evening dinning on cool nights

can be enjoyed and still feel like you're outdoors

Telescopic Restaurant Enclosure

Have increased seating capacity

and keep the feeling of dinning outside. Various sizes available.

Expand your seating capacity with our
Retractable Restaurant Enclosures.

Aqua Shield™ Inc. is a manufacturer of Telescopic Restaurant Enclosures our unique patented design allows the enclosure to slide open or closed for indoor or outdoor dining.

Turn unused space into additional business.

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Cost effective solution that turns unused space into a
Warm Comfortable Environment for your patrons.

Aqua Shield™ Telescopic restaurant enclosures are manufactured in the USA with the highest quality
materials produced by General Electric and Alcoa Aluminum. Aqua Shield™ Telescopic Restaurant
Enclosures arrives fully assembled and installs in a few hours.

General electric ALCOA